In appreciation to, and recognition of the dedicated music teachers that commit themselves to excellence is honored to award a complimentary three-year subscription to one hundred schools that are part of:

  • The I-65 Corridor Project
  • The Music Education Alliance
  • The Midwest Clinic Diversity and Equity Initiative
  • The Minority Band Directors National Association
  • W.O. Smith School of Music
  • Accelerando Program of the Nashville Symphony
  • Title 1 Schools
  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged schools

The SOAR Program is a in-house implemented and managed initiative that supports the general mission of while offering opportunity to those organizations, associations, and music educators groups who directly work within a challenging environment.

To apply, submit the form below for consideration. When your school is accepted to the program, we will communicate the enrollment process.

Once accepted, encourage your students to complete their student profiles, including performance videos. It is our hope that students who are fortunate enough to sit under the influence of such devoted teachers will find their dreams becoming reality through the tools their subscription provides.